One Family's History

Leaves in Autumn

The right place the right time
In a relationship these things you find
But when gone we forget the day
It's funny how they drift away

With some it happens over time
For others one day here the next out of mind
Would you stop it if you could?
If you could do you think you should?

If everything happens for a reason
Perhaps you need to trust the seasons
They say you have to set things free
I tried that once and it's still just me

In time the answer will be revealed
Unless the reason is to be concealed
If they have gone who is to blame
Pointing fingers the results are the same

In time our paths again may cross
After hello the absence is lost
When I meet you on journey's road
For a moment we will share the load

It's funny how they drift away

April 2002
Donohue 1806 Devoy/Nichol 1793 Walker 1847
Manship - Chart 1.0 Manship - Chart 1.2
Manship - Chart 1.2.4
Manship - Chart 1.5
Chiasson 1581 Theriault 1725 Kindervater 1841

Surnames: Berdusco, Beyak, Bindley, Blackwell, Burry, Carrol, Crawford, Devoy, Donohue, Gammell, Granger, Hardy, Harris, Hazel, Hunter, Lucas, Manship, McIntyre, Mee, Miller, Monk, Nichol, Rodwell, Schmuck, Stokes, Tamblyn, Theriault, Thurman, Ward, Walker (there are many more)

Note** A special thank you to Anne, Cecile, Donnie, Katie, Mary, Mary Lynn, Shannon and Wendy for all the help they have provided. I hope I have not forgotten anyone.

Note: If a name is in the tree, somewhere, it will be listed above. Not all names are in the branches documented above but they are part of the tree. The name may not be listed since the person is still alive or authorization has not been provided to list them. I will not attempt to qualify a particular relation. If I am provided with a tree structure to that surname I will provide a link and any documentation made available. If you want to be added to the tree let me know. If you want a name removed let me know.

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Individuals researched
Some information may not be confirmed. It is information that has been found or is assumed about an individual. It is listed in case anyone viewing the data identifies a name that confirms the individuals information. For example if someone knew that this person had a brother of a certain name it could confirm a census.

Patrick Donohue 1806 Donald W. Donohue 1913 - 1976 William J. Donohue 1939 - 1981
Edward Donohue 1885 - 1923 Alice Donohue (Tamblyn) 1887 - 1977 Leo Donohue 1899
Charles and Agnes Donohue Ruby and William Donohue Jane and William Nichol
John and Elizabeth Drew John and Ann Devoy  

Samuel and Susan Manship, m:1876 James and Minnie Manship, m:1912

Michel Haché-Gallant 1662-1737 Pierre Frigault 1722 Theriault Family History (French)
Thomas and Josephine Theriault, m:1900 Pierre and Luce Chiasson, m:Jan-06-1891 Elpége and Cécile Theriault, m:1937
Jean and Angelique Godin, m:1762    

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